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  • Mar 28, 2020 11:47:03 am
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How to Get Maximum YouTube Subscribers The Real Way

YouTube is one of the sites which is friendly and more popular than any, one can be a Youtuber and excel in the field of mass media and make a name for him or herself. What does a true Youtuber desire?

Well everyone knows the answer – viewers, subscribers, and comments. Unless you have a vast fan following and subscriptions you can’t excel in YouTube, therefore here are some easy to do pointers to all the Youtubers – new and old on how to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel in 2020.

1. Connect with your followers

Don’t shy away from replying to the comments on your videos if you keep an interacting environment your followers will develop a better brand loyalty towards you. Reply to every comment with a positive response.

2. Go for quality

Don’t work for quantity, quality is the main weapon at your feet if you master it the world is yours to conquer. Keep that in mind! Quality matters a lot for users. If you will upload one video every week with unique quality then you will get a good number of subscribers.

3. Work on your script

Content is Always King. Content is what will make you or break you.

4. Use keywords

Use keywords to describe your channel and work, that way you will be easier to find and have a better chance of being featured in the suggestions during a search by a customer. You can search for keywords on different tools paid as well as free. Paid tools like ahrefs, semrush and Moz. Free tools like Google Keyword Planner and Uber Suggest.

5. Encourage

Encourage your viewers to subscribe and comment on your channel, find a cool way to sign out and make an impression on the minds of the users so that they come back to you again and again.

6. Bring something new to your channel

Bring out new things on your channel, don’t make it boring, be active and bring as many new things as you can, keep contests, talk to your viewers, give them a chance to get featured and so on.

7. No delaying

Don’t delay upload, if you are new and not established being late with your videos will cost you, viewers and subscribers. Unless you have an emergency DO NOT DELAY UPLOAD!

8. Make a playlist

If you have a playlist and great content this will keep the viewers hooked, having a playlist makes it easier for the viewers to find your work. As the viewer's leisure and fun is the top priority this will make it easier.

9. Promote

Promote yourself anywhere and everywhere possible – Social Medias (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, and IMO ETC), events, gatherings because unless you do that people won’t know about you and that’s not good for your channel. People are what makes you connect to them in any way possible.

10. Don’t stretch

Never stretch your work, keep it to a minimum...

If you stretch something for hours with no meaning attached, viewers will lose interest as they don’t have that much time and they will get bored. Keep it simple and small... don’t overdo it.

11. Get featured in advertisements

Get yourself the opportunity of being featured as advertisements on the videos of other YouTubers and channels.

Author Bio

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