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  • Feb 06, 2020 05:32:00 am
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Major Google algorithm updates

Whenever Google updates its algorithms, it becomes a matter of discussion in the online industry.

Google keeps on upgrading its rules and policies for search engines. This is just like a fusion of multiple algorithms that aid in improving and instantly finding the best possible result of quires. These algorithms instruct the website to perform better and give the best output.

Previously Google had a limited amount of updates. At present, it is working with numerous tools and software. Thus, major Google algorithms took place to serve with excellent produce.  

Below I have discussed the crucial algorithms that are high on demand and used by SEO experts.

Google Panda

Launched: February 2011

Aims at: Copied and week content, Plagiarized content

Google panda is a set of updates and refreshes data for the searching matter. It is evolved to punish duplicate content or thin content and low-quality textual stuff. This algorithm is responsible to recognize the websites which are evolving into creating cheap content to get rank. Its initial purpose is only to purify the content from matching articles and lower their rank. But it has now reached an advanced level of updating that levy charges for similar context. This initiative was taken in 2016 that made the panda a major algorithm of Google. Now it is engaged in downgrading the thin and low-quality sites.

Tips to make website Panda friendly:

  • Improve the quality of your content to avoid the panda penalty.
  • Stop implementing duplicate content on the websites.


Launched: April 2012

Aims at: Irrelevant and spams backlinks

It was innovated to reduce spams on the google search engine including useless backlinks. Before this update, Googlers were playing a game with readers as well as a search engine by producing plenty of low authority backlinks. Penguin was the revolution in the online world as Google covers a large area of the internet. At the beginning of 2012, Metta cuts (Former head in Google), tweeted this news on twitter and announced of this penguin algorithm.

This algorithm was affected by up to 3% of Internet websites which were getting ranked over Google organic listing. After this update, webmasters had to build backlinks on high authority websites to get keyword ranked higher.

Tips to make site penguin friendly:

  • Always build relevant backlinks.
  • The focus of high authority websites to get textual inbound links.
  • Avoid low authority websites like classified or heavy ad centered websites to get backlinks.


Launched: August 2013

Aims at: User-queried centered algorithm, High-quality content focused algo.

On August 22, 2013, Google hummingbird came with a vision to avoid repetition of words and improve the quality of content. The name ‘Hummingbird’ is kept for this algorithm as a symbol of ‘fast and precise’. So this focuses on the significance of the words or sentences that exactly what it wants to deliver to the reader rather than using matching words. Hummingbird expounds the search of a user and picks the best possible outcome so that accurate meaning can be taken from that site or page within very less time. This reduces the human labor of searching many pages for a single keyword to absorb the meaning by directing the best link having the faithful results of the query.  Concentrating on the concept of a topic was the reason behind the emerging of Google Hummingbird.

Tips to make site Hummingbird friendly-

  • Create quality content or natural content to get a website ranked
  • Include LSI OR Long-tail keywords into content
  • Stop repetition of same keyword or phrase in the article


Launched: April 2015

Aims at: Listing mobile-friendly pages

A mobile-friendly update ‘Mobilegeddon’ was undertaken to heighten the mobile search rankings for pages and sites. It ranks the mobile-friendly pages at the top to make it easier for the searcher to find the most relevant page immediately with a single click of a mouse. Google established Mobilegeddon on 21st April 2015 to grade up the pages that will be supported in mobile and avoid poor mobile usability functions. This was just to make search engines one step more up and advanced not only in the computer but also in mobile phones which is the quickest way to explore.

Tips to make site mobile geddon friendly-

  • Use responsive designs that will be supported by mobile
  • Give the priority at mobile-friendly design


Launched: December 2014

Aims at: on and off-page SEO

Google brought changes in its algorithm sector by updating Pigeon on 24th July 2014 in the United States only and on 22nd December 2014 in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia that is more useful, accurate and relevant for local search results. These local searches are more closely related and tied to traditional web search ranking signals. This was invented for the poor on and off-page SEO.


  • Work out on-page SEO like heading tags, content, and image optimization
  • Work out off-page SEO like building high authority inbound backlinks


Launched: March 2017

Aims at: Ad-centered websites and heavy Links

Do the unnecessary ads annoy you? Of course yes, because it wastes our precious time and interest.

So Google added one more algorithm called ‘Google Fred’ to get rid of this heavy and ad centered content. This latest update appeared on 8th March 2017 to aim at those websites that go beyond the guidelines of Google and include lower-rated themes and content. Again, this also identifies the pages that are only meant for promotional activities. There is no restriction for showing ads on the site, but to show the ads the site should of high quality having proper information and useful subject with more traffic attraction.

Solution –

  • Make a website for users, not the search engine
  • Place ads natural ways


Launched: September 2016

Aims at: location-based sites

The algorithm ‘Possum’ made it possible for the local businesses to be listed when a searcher searches a site depending on location. As we all are surrounded by rigid competition in every sector, some local firms lose their identity. So, on 1st September 2016 Possum came to strengthen the weak firms by making them shown to the visitor depending on location. Possum does location-specific rank.

Solution –

  • Focus on locally-based keywords and optimize content according to local business.


Launched: October 2016

Aims at: Understanding the meaning of the query

RankBrain is a section of Google Hummingbird. This is a machine learning system that concentrates on translating the query first and then understanding the meaning of it and suggesting relevant pages and sites to the visitor. It was launched on 26th October 2016. It is the only live Artificial Intelligence to give users a good set of the listed outcome.

How to make your website search engine algorithm friendly?

Algorithms always help a site to be listed at the top by a search engine. To make your site algorithm friendly you need to use top class keywords. Stress on the words that consider the meaning and concept of a topic at its best. Take advantage of different social media as a tool to promote the site. Approach high rated websites to backlink you that may add value to your business. Lastly, keep producing balanced content that will lead you to interact with new traffics.

To wrap it up

Moreover, these algorithms have pushed Google search engines upward to serve the searcher in a better way with useful pages and sites without wasting his single second. As time flows, other algorithms are being updated by Google and innovations are coming shortly in SEO.

Author Bio – Neeraj Sharma is the main author of this article. He loves writing and exploring new areas of SEO and writing. Now He is managing hostnetindia.com which is a web hosting company, offers shared, VPS and Dedicated Servers with Domain Name and SSL. Apart from these servers, you can get tally on cloud and office 365 business plans to provide comfort to your team.

In the end, I really thank full for the Web Hosting Companies in Dubai who publishes my article in our blog.

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