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  • Feb 25, 2020 09:46:40 pm
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Top 7 Backlinks Checker Tools (Free and Paid)

We can consider backlinks as referral traffic. Nowadays backlink has positioned an important place in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as this has become a popular tool to refer to another site with the help of another site. When your content is referred to in another’s blog, stay assured that your content is of high quality and good subject matter. A good object in your subject makes the content beautiful and shared by other users.

Google has become stricter in this regard as for so many times spams are taking place. So Google panda finds them and asks for a penalty. The relevance of external linking is most important to be checked. If the link is not applicable enough with the content, it is rejected by Google. In this way, you will develop the habit of searching and exploring more websites. 

Gather knowledge from backlinks and add as many as possible backlinks in your content so that it can be listed at the top by Google. A backlink can make your content top-ranked which will lead you to generate more traffic. But make sure your content is of fair writing and has used a related backlink.

Now let’s understand what the importance of backlinks is and why to include it in our contents. 

Discover and track the backlinks


Always find the user who has referred your content in his blog. Keep long term relation with him. This will help you to be recognized by many audiences and try to include back the user. This mutual referring will impact positively both of you. 

Analyze your backlink


With the help of backlink checker tools, you can analyze and audit your backlink. Measure how many times your content has been backlinked and explore why. Once you can identify the reasons why you have been backlinked, this will be easier for you to be backlinked again and again. 

The audit of your backlink tells you what you have invested and how much you have produced through a backlink. Trust me; these two practices will guide you on how to improve your content.



Using as many keywords in your content will aid you to get more traffic because keywords add value to your writing. 

These are the already searched words that give the possibility to your content to be viewed more if you use these keywords. 

Discussing this point, I hope now we have a clear picture of what reasons we taking backlinks into attention.

Now come to those free tools that are useful to check backlinks at free of cost.

1.    Ahrefs 


Ahrefs is a recent addition and a well-known tool to check backlinks and get an idea by analyzing other higher websites that are needed to be included. It has its crawler that will provide you link data. 

Firstly make a registration for an account and receive a complete and detailed backlink analysis in Ahrefs. Using its free plan you can check backlinks free of cost. You will find premium plans also under Ahrefs.

2.    Majestic SEO


The tool is very useful as it focuses on external backlinks, Referring IPs, subnets, domains, and backlink history. You can directly enter the domain address in the search box and can access it from there. This is one of the oldest but prominent and helpful tools to develop your content. 

This tool lets you know the source from where you have been backlink and make an introduction with other top-ranked websites. Then you will better realize which content works more to improve your creativity.

3.    Open site explorer


You can track the link and website by which you have been backlink with the help of the Open site explorer tool. It is a search engine for links. It gives a complete portion of filtering and conformation metrics at free of cost and if you want to enjoy its advanced features, you have to open an account at Open site explorer. 

This tool guides you properly to improve the authority of your content that is going to impact your ranking in search engines. Open site explorer will facilitate you to analyze the inbound links to a specific URL in your domain.

4.    Backlink watch


Backlink watch for its easy function that leads you to analyze which of your posts is linkable and which are not. Then you can concentrate only on those which are to be published. Use statistics and compare your content each month to measure your progress. If you are new to this industry, still you will find a backlink watch easy enough to understand and use. 

It builds a relation between linker and blogger. Improve your quality of content by using this tool to free of cost. Minimize the time you spend on finding the best backlinks as it will give you a long list of URLs.

5.    Rank signals


Access this tool you need to open an account and enjoy its free features. Rank signals will give you a catalog of external links but not only internal. This includes links by age, industries, localities, context, and countries and so on. To analyze the links whether they should be included or not. 

Keep the links if Rank Signals says yes and remove if it rejects the links. 

Companies offer extra and advanced features along with these above mentioned but with a charge. Make up your mind with your needs before purchasing the tool.

6.    Moz link explorer


Link explorer is updated daily to add new features and renew those old structures. This tool has been created by crawling and indexing links. The best part of this tool is you can directly go for downloading the links you want and collect facts and information for your content. 

Quickly copy and paste the link in your content when you find it suitable for your writings. You can keep a track of the links that you have used in your content. Sometimes this may help you to create related content.

7.    SEMrush


Uses its database of over one billion backlinks to help you out with multiple options of backlinks. Also, find the domains that are referring to your website. This tool allows you to upload an external link also and you can scan a large number of backlinks. 

For the entire domain with each subdomain, this tool monitors backlinks. You can analyze links referring to a specific URL and can avoid penalties by Google penguin with the super cooperation of SEMrush. Do explore this tool at a free cost of money.

At the end of this article, we hope you have derived a basic but detailed idea of free backlink checker tools. If any query is there, kindly let us know in the comment section below. We would like to respond to you soon.  

Author Bio - Neeraj Sharma is a professional content and marketer. He works at Hostnetindia that is a web hosting company that offers VPS, affordable dedicated server, reseller hosting, office business tools as well as tally on cloud plan with technical support.

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